The Worship of the True God

By Jul 01, 2022


There is a general belief that God deserves to be worshipped. In any way that seems right to us, we tend to go with it, as long as our devotion is undeniable. Humanity, especially those of the Christian faith has adopted standards of worship that are unanimously acceptable to onlookers.

There are varying definitions of worship amongst believers.

Since the beginning of time, humans have found self-stimulated ways of adoring God. Sometimes, it is based on personal convictions, for some, it is the doctrine of the churches they belong to that define their mode of worship. Each man, woman, family, group, and denomination all have designated ideas of how to worship God.

But the worship of God, especially the true God is not external to the written word of God. The mode, and the system by which we glorify God are all embedded in the scriptures.

God is not the author of confusion (1 Cor 14:33). He would never plunge his children into complications of ideas. The Father has spelled-out ways of worshipping him.

And as children to The Father, we are under due obligation and commitment to follow after his direct word in its pure state without any form of haggling. God is not unsure of his principles. He is the Almighty, no way he will be skeptical, uncertain, or iffy about the tenets of worship that plainly documented in his word.

The True God has a way of worship. It is not the general way of man, for God’s ways are far higher than the ways of man (Isaiah 55:8). The only way of worship of God that is acceptable unto Him is what he has commanded or dictated in his word.

Taking a strict look at Romans 12:1-2, it is stated in bold ink that presenting ourselves, all of our bodies, and members as a holy, devoted, consecrated living sacrifice is a reasonable form of spiritual worship.

The true worship of God begins with our personal lives. Beyond the extremities and activities, a life that is well-pleasing to God is a life that is inferring due and acceptable worship to God.

There is no true worship without holy living. A practical holy lifestyle is God’s rational definition of worship.

A holy life cannot be spoken of without a literal disconformity with the world. Fashioning our lives (bodies) after the custom of this age is against the credos of holy living. There is a need for separation. Without separation, we’ll only be mixed up. God cannot be manifested in us when we are mixed up together with unworthy elements (2 Cor 6:14).

These unworthy elements belong to the age of this world, hence, they corrupt. And a corrupted life cannot offer acceptable worship to God.

Another critical format of true worship is seen in John 4:23-24 where the Lord Jesus gave a clear indication of how the Father will be worshipped – in spirit and in truth.

Jesus stated that the Father seeks such that will worship him in this manner. God would not have to ‘seek’ them if it was not significant to him. This is the perfect blueprint of worship.

To worship in spirit and truth simply mean the true worshippers to give worship unto the Father in the true way of the spirit.

The way of the spirit is unseen, so it has to be found out spiritually.

One main prerequisite for worshipping God in the spirit is to be born of the spirit as stated in John 3:6. It is logically impossible to do the acts of the spirit in the flesh. Only in the spirit can a man worship God, for God is spirit.

Worshipping God in the true way of the spirit also suggests that there is a false way of the spirit. Some people worship God in spirit but not the true way of the spirit. If the spirit that channels the worship of a man is not holy, then every fruit borne out of such worship is false. The spirit of God is HOLY, so also the worship of God through that same spirit should be holy.

A man must know his God well enough to know that he (God) cannot be pleased in the flesh.

A final glance at the words of Christ in Matthew 16:24-25 also paints a picture of how to worship the true God. The emphasis of this scripture is on self-denial.

Worship is dedication. Worship is devotion. Worship is total commitment.

The cumulative message of Jesus here is on consecrating one’s life in worship. No man can hold onto his life and give it to God at the same time. A man who would worship God convincingly will have to deny himself and let go.

Letting go means to forget oneself, disregard one’s personal interests and take up the whole cross to follow after God. This is dedicated worship.

God takes no interest in partial, marginal dedication. A believer who has truly given his life to Jesus has a duty not to himself anymore but to God, the Father.

These are the round-ups of the system of worship God demands from us his children. His children, his people, his elect.

True worship of the true God is not determined by man but by God the Father. Only by him and through him can we worship God acceptably.

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