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BIBLE TEXT(s): Hag 2:1-9


The exponential growth the church is experiencing necessitated building a bigger auditorium to accommodate the ever-increasing growth of RCCG. When the old Arena became inadequate to house the attendants in major programmes, God instructed our Daddy G.O. to build a 3KM by 3KM auditorium. This project requires huge capital and requires payers to remove all forms of obstacles and delays.


1. We thank God for how far He’s has helped the project. Psalm 18:2

2. Father send help for the completion of this noble project. Psalms 121:1-2

3. Father, release the skill needed to complete the project as you want it. Phil 4:19

4. We condemn any tongue speaking against the project. Isaiah 54:17

5. Father, open the windows of heaven and bless your children for the completion of this project. Psalm 115:13

6. Thank God for the progress being recorded in the 3x3 Auditorium project Psalm 135:20

7. Let us thank God for the vision for this project How it has brought about speedy development to the entire Agunfoye localities.

8. Let us thank God the author and finisher of our faith for protection over all the workers on site. Psalms 91:4

9. O! Lord my Father let the four winds of the earth begin to blow in FAVOUR, of all the camp projects in Jesus name. Ezra 1:4

10.Father scatter every conspiracy of Hell against the completion of 3x3 auditorium, in Jesus name. Isaiah 19:2

11.Father, please raise more helpers for the work Psa 20:2

12.Father, we thank you for members of team Nehemiah for their diligence and commitment to the project. Help them the more and bless them 1Chr 5:20

13.O! Lord empower this project to move faster and prosper in Jesus name Ezra 5:1-8

14.Any strange altar resisting the progress of this project, scatter now in Jesus name. Deut. 7:5

15.The new Auditorium project, “Arise, Shine”! In Jesus name. Attract resources and finances in Jesus name. Gain unusual speed in Jesus name. Isa 60:1–end

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