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BIBLE TEXT(S) Mat 24:78, Psa 33:12, Isa14:26, Psa 22:8, Joel 3:1-14


According to prophesy, we are witnesses to the reality of nations rising up against nations, troubles and killings in almost every continents of the World. In the midst of these turbulences, we need to pray for peace of God to reign.


1. Father; we thank you for the relative peace that the nations of the world are enjoying now in Jesus name. Psalms 103:2

2. Father, we pray for your peace to reign in all our Nations, all over the world, in Jesus name. Psalms 85:8.

3. Father, let those who cause conflicts all over the world repent and seeks peace, in Jesus name. 1 Tim 2:2

4. Father please raise peace loving people and nations to work against conflicts, aggressions in the world , in Jesus name. Gen. 37:22

5. Father, let your people all over the world be peace loving citizens so that your gospel can be spread across the globe , in Jesus name.

6. Father, let your Word have it rightful place in the hearts of our world leaders to foster world peace and unity in Jesus name. Prov 21:1.

7. Father, disappoint the devices of the crafty and don’t allow their hands to perform their enterprise, in Jesus name. Job 5:12

8. Father by your mercy, intervene in the conflicts going on between terrorist organizations and the government all over the world in Jesus name. 2 Kings 6:23

9. Oh Lord, prevail and silent all terrorist groups all over the world, let there be confusion among them in Jesus name. Gen 11:1-9

10.Father, please by your mighty power let there be peace movements across the nations and continents to bring about an end to the regime of nuclear and chemical weapons designed for human destruction in Jesus name. Isa. 65:25.

11.Lord Jesus, you are the prince of peace, kings of kings , come and reign all over the whole universe , in Jesus name.

12.The voice of the enemies will not prevail over your Church in our nation in Jesus name. Exo 5:2

13.Father, we come against every witchcraft power and their altars that are afflicting the lives of the innocent people in our nations in Jesus name. Exo 34:13

14. Father, let every power of other gods that represent dagon, and being worshiped in our nations collapse and break to pieces in Jesus name. 1Sam 5:3-4

15. Father; let all the idols of the nations be confounded and let their images be broken into pieces, in Jesus name. Jer 50:2

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