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Terrorism is a major challenge today in many nations of the world. These are the Antichrist spirits at work against the Church of Christ at this end time. We need to arise and pray that Jesus will reign and prevail in our nation.


1. Father, we thank you for delivering us from the activities of these evil men, we will only hear of them from afar but never allow them to come near us, in Jesus name. Psa 91:5-7

2. We cover ourselves, our family members and brethren in the blood of Jesus. Exo.12:23.

3. Father, let there be confusion in the camp of the insurgents, set them against one another to help destroy themselves in Jesus name. 2 Chr.20:23

4. Father your word says those who live by the sword shall die by the sword, let the terrorists die by their own weapons, in Jesus name. Matt. 26:52

5. O Lord, strive with them that strive with us, let the destroyers destroy themselves, in Jesus name. Psa. 35:1-6

6. Father, arise against those sponsoring terrorism and their supporters, destroy the sources of their incomes in Jesus name.

7. Father, the blood of the innocent is crying for vengeance, arise and bring an end to the plaques on the land as a result of these evil acts in Jesus name.

8. Father, destroys all the weapons of violence and evil perpetuators in our nations, in Jesus name. Isa 54:16

9. In Jesus name; I reject and resist every weapon fashioned against me and my family, they shall not prosper. Isa 54:17.

10.Father, let the ways of the terrorists be slippery and let the angels of the Lord persecute them in Jesus name. Psa 35:6

11.Father; send deliverance now and cause us to laugh at the fall of the strongman of insurgences and terrorist groups in Jesus name. Job 5:22

12.Father, redeem us from deaths in famine and war in Jesus name. Job 5:20

13.Father, let all perpetrators of insurgences sleep the sleep of death in Jesus name.

14.Father, let the captives of the mighty be set free and the let those in the camp of insurgences be delivered in Jesus name. Isa 49:25

15.Father, let the eaters of flesh be fed with their own flesh and be drunken with their own blood in Jesus name. Isa 49:26

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