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BIBLE TEXTS: Pro 29:2, Gen 37:28


Many nations are looking ahead for a period of general elections in 2023 including Nigeria. Knowing well that, though man may plan and prepare, but the outcome of a matter is of God. Let us pray for Nigeria and other nations holding elections this year.


1. Praise and worship

2. Let us thank God for the success of all previous elections in nations

3. Let us thank God for keeping the nation together in spite of various challenges that had beguiled many of our past elections

4. Let us pray for free, fair and peaceful elections in all our nations

5. Let us pray that the electoral institutions will not compromise standard at the expense of free and fair election. Job 5:12

6. Let us pray that God will guide and take control of the whole process, from beginning to the end and frustrate every plan to manipulate. Job 5:12

7. Let us pray that God will continue to guide the electorate not to be deceived, and to make wise and godly decisions.

8. Let us pray that God will continue to guide the electorate not to sell out their future. Pro 23:23

9. Let us pray that all those who are seeking power by fetish means will be disappointed. Job 5:12

10. Let us pray that God will choose for us leaders that will rule in righteousness and fear of God. (Pro 14:34, Pro 29:2)

11. Father let all government officials walk in Your fear, doing what is right for the good of our nation

12. Father use this coming election to cleanse our nation of corrupt leaders

13. Father we decree and declare that: Nigeria will come out of her troubles and take its place in the commonwealth of nations

14. Father let Nigeria and other nations experience good governance from this time forward. 15. Father help all our leaders to walk in your fear, wisdom, knowledge and understanding

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