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"And God said, Let us make man in our image…" Genesis 1:26

The creation of man was definitive on the nature of God. Everything God is, by creation, should be reflected in man. Every bit of nature God bears is what man should be composed of.

Man has been designed as an extension of God's personality. His character, his temperament. But man's nature we know; what is God's? What is God made of? What is the texture of His character? Does He think and feel like us? What are His reactions like?

Man is an emotional being. As part of the function of the human mind, we are bound to feel all emotions. We relate and respond to emotions just as we should. Sentiments and sensations are spin-offs of emotions in us.

Our emotions can either be rational or irrational. Sometimes, we think things through, weigh our options, and give them logical introspections before rendering verdicts and reacting. In cases like this, our proceeding actions are bound to alter the flow of normal human emotion.

While in other circumstances, we dive into the pool of emotion unchecked. We exhibit shades of biasness, anger, tension, envy, pride, pleasure, fear, sadness, happiness, disgust, embarrassment, and shame without proper mulling over. We let ourselves be controlled by them.

No human is immune to emotions and feelings.

So, if the man is all of these, does God exhibit them too? And if He does, is it the same man?

Now, the first thing to note and resound is that:

GOD IS NOT A MAN (Numbers 23:19).

No matter how well we try to explain the matching nature of God and man, it is pertinent to know the world of gap in between.

In Hosea 11:9, in the midst of the emotional spurt, GOD drew the line between Himself and man.

Is God emotional? Yes, He is. Does He experience joy, gladness, anger, jealousy, and the likes? Yes, He does.

Scripture has shown in several passages God displays different ridges of emotions. To put into proper context, the emotion of man comes from God. God is the source and creator of emotions.

Matthew 21:18 –19 is the story of Jesus in full display of emotion. He walked up to a fig tree, hoping to get fruit from it, but He was left in the lurch with what He saw. The Bible recorded that He responded by laying an adverse decree on the tree, and as a result, the tree withered up instantly. That was a full-on manifestation of an emotional outburst from the Lord Jesus.

1 Samuel 6:1–21 gives the account of the men of Bethshemesh, who offered to house the ark and looked into it. They got punished for trying to do what they thought was right. God's ways are not man's ways. Whenever man's ways contradict or agree with His way, He reacts emotionally.

Psalm 37:12-13 tells of God laughing.

Proverbs 6:16–19 reels a list of some things God hates.

Exodus 34:14 states boldly that God is a jealous God.

Now, every emotion is toward an end. There is always a guiding intent whenever a man reacts or responds emotionally. Man can hate unjustly, and man can rejoice in evil. The book of Genesis 6:5 reveals the general depravity of man as a result of sin. It shows the acknowledgment and acceptance that man's ways are evil.

This is where the separating line between the emotional side of God and that of man is. Man's could be evil, but God, in His show of emotion, will never be evil and consistently righteous. Man can deal wickedly; God cannot.

Man's emotional thoughts and actions can lead him to fall off and slump into sin; God will never fall into the temptation of sin. He will never contemplate evil talk more of implementing it.

The end of God's emotion is tilted toward love and righteousness. His anger, jealousy, laughter, and hatred are all out of love for man. All these are geared toward bringing back man to God.

Joel 2:13 - And rend your heart, and not your garments, and turn unto the Lord your God: for he is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness, and repenteth him of the evil.

God is emotional, but His emotions are righteous.

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